24 December 2007

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Axon Infotech Ltd.
Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd Stock Analysis

Infotech Enterprises Ltd. Stock Analysis
Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd.

Spanco Telesystems & Solutions Ltd.

Hot Jobs from http://www.kpowave.blogspot.com

The following Openings Exist for Finance:1)Analyst - Financial Operations 2)Analyst, Global Private Equity Group 3)Manager, Financial Research 4)Senior Analyst, Financial Operations 5)Senior Analyst, Financial Research

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Aranca is an end-to-end provider of on-demand, custom investment, business and economic research, and valuation services to global clients.Current Openings:1)Project Manager (2)2)Senior Research Analyst (5)3)Research Analyst (5)4)Associate Analyst (3)The remuneration for all positions will be competitive and match the industry standards. Furthermore, candidates will receive extensive training.

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The position will own full responsibility for the research coverage of companies in a specific industry. The role involves analyzing companies in an industry, creating the fundamental framework for coverage, creating earning models and managing coverage on an ongoing basis .It involves tracking the micro and macro economic trends associated with the sector and provide direction to the research function

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