04 February 2009

Top 20 Best Companies to Work For

Top 20 Best Companies to Work For

You would still expect Google or Microsoft to be the best technology company to work for. But wait a minute, you have a surprise coming. These super dads have been displaced by storage and data management services provider NetApp. NetApp (Previous rank: 14) has been ranked as the best tech company by Fortune in its annual list of '100 Best Companies to Work For'. Google, in fact, has dropped to No 4 this year. The company had topped the list for the past two years. If it is "employee enthusiasm for the legendary egalitarian culture," then, according to Fortune, NetApp takes the cake after six years on the list. Here is a list of how companies are ranked by Fortune according to the satisfaction levels of the employees working with them.

World's 10 best companies to work for
Happy employees are motivated employees and a huge contributing factor to any company's success. No wonder then, the top 10 great companies to work for -- as listed by Fortune magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute -- also do well when it comes to profitability.
Note: Market cap as on January 28, 2009
Company: NetApp
Rank: 1
Chairman, CEO: Dan Warmenhoven
Business: Specialises in proprietary network storage and data management.
Reach: Has over 130 offices worldwide, including US, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, Pacific and Australia.
Market cap: $5.37 billion
Why: Greatplacetowork.com says, 'The essence of what fuels the quality of the workplace at NetApp is the high trust culture. Leaders reach out to employees, sharing information, support and time in a variety of ways. This generosity of spirit is reciprocated many times over, creating within NetApp its own version of a fail-safe networked organisation.'
Image: NetApp Chairman and CEO Dan Warmenhoven Photograph: netapp.com

Company: Edward Jones
Rank: 2
Managing partner: James D Weddle
Business: Offers financial products at an individual investor level. Currently serves more than 7 million clients.
Reach: Over 10,800 offices in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom
2007 revenue: $4.14 billion Total assets: $5,576,196-->
Why: Greatplacetowork.com says, 'Employees receive a whopping 149 hours of training on average a year, more than three times the 100 best average of 45. But Edward Jones doesn't just train people for the job they're doing. The management's philosophy is that employees who are passionate about their jobs will make the company a better place, so managers encourage people to develop skills even when they know the new skills will lead to a different job.'



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