13 May 2009

India's Top 20 Web 2.0 websites

Check out India's Top 20 Web 2.0 websites

Here's a listing of the Top 25 Web 2.0 Indian websites identified by Dataquest magazine. The list, prepared by Dataquest, with help of Indianweb2.com, that tracks Indian start-ups in the technology space in general and web 2.0 space in particular, is a mix of social networking sites, tool makers, rating sites, and creators of close-knit online communities and collaborative mobile applications.

Apna Circle (www.apnacircle.com): A niche social networking site focused on careers

AuthorStream (www.authorstream.com): Focused on user generated content. Users can share online presentations and slideshows

BharatStudent (www.bharatstudent.com): A networking platform addressing education and career related issues of students

BigAdda (www.bigadda.com): A broad-based social networking site on the lines of Facebook and Orkut, offering everything to everyone

Burrp TV (www.burrp.com): Focused on local information from TV channels to restaurants based on user generated content and user ratings

Commonfloor (www.commonfloor.com): An online community of housing societies and apartments owners and residents popular with several large builders

DesiMartini (www.desimartini.com): A broad-based social networking site for Indians across the globe.

Fropper (www.fropper.com): India's most well-known dating site with abundant social networking features

Ibibo (www.ibibo.com): A platform to showcase talent and connect with people with similar interests

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