14 September 2009

Datawatch: Stocks trading at discount to book value

Datawatch: Stocks trading at discount to book value

As on September 14, 2009, the BSE Sensex was up 113% from its 52-week low. The index is now trading with a price-to-book value (P/BV) of 3.91 and price-earning (PE) of 21. In today's Datawatch, we look at stocks that are still trading at discount to book value in the market.

Data coverage

We have taken companies listed on the BSE whose price is above Rs 50 per share and the P/BV ratio is below 1.

Price-to-book ratio is used to compare a stock's market value to its book value. It is calculated by dividing the current closing price of the stock by the latest quarter's book value per share. A lower than 1 P/B ratio could mean that the stock is undervalued.

The analysis suggested that stocks that are trading below their P/BV ratio comprise largely of textile companies. Other major industries includes small and medium-sized finance, realty and paper industry companies. Notable companies trading at lowest P/BV include DS Kulkarni Developers, Nitco, Williamson Magor, Gitanjali Gems, Subex, Kolta Patil Developers, GSFC, Gujarat Alkali, etc.

No Company Market Price Book Value (BV) P/BV
11/09/09 (Rs)
1 Sir Shadi Lal 137 137 1
2 Tata Sponge Iron 226 227 1
3 Somany Ceramics 92 92 0.99
4 Kalyani Steels 117 118 0.99
5 Karnataka Bank 128 129 0.99
6 IOL Chemicals 60 61 0.98
7 Eveready Inds. 66 67 0.98
8 Rane Brake Lin. 87 89 0.98
9 Cera Sanitary 111 114 0.98
10 Raymond 182 187 0.98
11 ECE Inds. 219 224 0.98
12 S C I 143 147 0.97
13 Deepak Fert 87 91 0.96
14 Nu Tek India 89 92 0.96
15 Gillanders Arbut 102 106 0.96
16 Punjab Chemicals 146 153 0.96
17 Wheels India 187 195 0.96
18 SE Investments 214 222 0.96
19 Wires & Fabriks 67 71 0.95
20 Syndicate Bank 84 88 0.95
21 Repro India 100 105 0.95
22 Allahabad Bank 106 111 0.95
23 J K Cements 123 130 0.95
24 Hinduja Ventures 274 292 0.94
25 Universal Cables 69 74 0.93
26 Archies 110 118 0.93
27 Mah. Scooters 162 175 0.93
28 Menon Pistons 61 66 0.92
29 Yuken India 82 89 0.92
30 Force Motors 158 173 0.92
31 Glost.Jute Mill. 180 196 0.92
32 Federal Bank 233 253 0.92
33 Mukand 56 62 0.91
34 Mahindra Forg. 77 85 0.91
35 Shakti Met-dor 117 128 0.91
36 Aries Agro 62 69 0.9
37 Indoco Remedies 204 227 0.9
38 Hindalco Inds. 124 140 0.89
39 Insecticid.India 70 80 0.88
40 Moser Baer (I) 88 100 0.88
41 U B Holdings 185 209 0.88
42 Ramsarup Inds 80 93 0.87
43 I O B 95 109 0.87
44 Rainbow Papers 100 115 0.87
45 Oriental Bank 224 258 0.87
46 Simplex Realty 281 324 0.87
47 Godawari Power 134 155 0.86
48 DIC India 169 196 0.86
49 Royal Orch.Hotel 60 70 0.85
50 Venky's (India) 143 167 0.85
51 Arih.Found.Hsg. 172 202 0.85
52 IP Rings 51 61 0.84
53 Torrent Cables 121 144 0.84
54 GE Shipping Co 272 324 0.84
55 Dena Bank 56 68 0.83
56 DCM Shriram Con. 62 74 0.83
57 RSWM Ltd 72 87 0.83
58 Albert David 81 98 0.83
59 Uflex 95 114 0.83
60 India Glycols 113 136 0.83
61 Lak. Electrical 161 193 0.83
62 Sundaram Brake 186 224 0.83
63 Gulshan Polyols 92 113 0.82
64 Siyaram Silk 124 152 0.82
65 Aeonian Invest. 151 184 0.82
66 ABC Bearings 53 66 0.81
67 Inv.& Prec.Cast. 58 71 0.81
68 IFB Agro Inds. 64 80 0.8
69 T N Newsprint 77 96 0.8
70 Krone Comm. 86 107 0.8
71 Nilkamal Ltd 133 165 0.8
72 Videocon Inds. 237 295 0.8
73 Kernex Microsys. 82 104 0.79
74 West Coast Paper 64 82 0.78
75 Sukhjit Starch 96 123 0.78
76 Cosmo Films 105 134 0.78
77 Garware-Wall Rop 66 86 0.77
78 Steelcast 79 102 0.77
79 J L Morison(I) 398 517 0.77
80 Welspun India 58 76 0.76
81 Manugraph India 59 78 0.76
82 M M Forgings 60 79 0.76
83 Rajratan Global 75 99 0.76
84 Banswara Syntex 51 68 0.75
85 G N F C 98 130 0.75
86 Aditya Bir.Chem. 75 103 0.74
87 Bannari Amm Spg. 74 102 0.73
88 Aarti Drugs 75 103 0.73
89 Emmsons Intl. 79 108 0.73
90 Valecha Eng. 86 118 0.73
91 Rane Holdings 94 130 0.73
92 Vardhman Textile 161 220 0.73
93 Jindal Photo 144 200 0.72
94 Surya Roshni 54 77 0.71
95 Man Inds. 55 77 0.71
96 Narmada Gelatine 71 101 0.71
97 Transpek Inds. 62 88 0.7
98 Sutlej Textiles 79 113 0.7
99 Apcotex Industri 68 99 0.69
100 SIL Investments 80 117 0.69
101 Seshasayee Paper 119 171 0.69
102 Bajaj Auto Fin 206 297 0.69
103 Austin Engg Co 66 96 0.68
104 Ajanta Pharma 88 128 0.68
105 Voith Paper 129 190 0.68
106 Century Enka 155 229 0.68
107 Mac Charles(I) 189 276 0.68
108 Paushak 51 76 0.67
109 Kalyani Forge 130 195 0.67
110 Electrotherm(I) 262 390 0.67
111 Panasonic Energy 51 78 0.66
112 Can Fin Homes 79 120 0.66
113 Sh. Dinesh Mills 100 152 0.66
114 Guj Alkalies 112 170 0.66
115 G S F C 161 242 0.66
116 ITD Cem 201 304 0.66
117 Rane Engine Val 101 155 0.65
118 Loyal Textile 115 176 0.65
119 Atul 75 117 0.64
120 R Systems Intl. 85 135 0.63
121 Sandesh 163 260 0.63
122 Vardhman Hold. 216 341 0.63
123 Super Sales Ind 94 154 0.61
124 Deepak Nitrite 128 211 0.61
125 Bhagiradha Chem 52 86 0.6
126 Kolte Patil Dev. 51 86 0.59
127 Bimetal Bearings 179 304 0.59
128 Poddar Developer 55 95 0.58
129 Subex 72 130 0.56
130 First Leasing 51 93 0.55
131 Tulsyan NEC 60 110 0.55
132 Essar Shipping 62 114 0.55
133 Vakrangee Soft. 67 126 0.53
134 IVR-Prime Urban 81 153 0.53
135 Carol Info Serv. 65 126 0.52
136 Srinivasa Hatch 60 118 0.51
137 K P R Mill Ltd 69 135 0.51
138 Indian CardCloth 88 174 0.5
139 Albright & Wil. 102 204 0.5
140 Gitanjali Gems 114 226 0.5
141 Ambika Cotton 101 206 0.49
142 Cheviot Company 179 370 0.49
143 Kamat Hotels 59 124 0.48
144 Alfred Herbert 153 326 0.47
145 Williamson Magor 53 117 0.45
146 AP Paper 71 162 0.44
147 Sirpur Paper 54 130 0.41
148 Pokarna 57 142 0.4
149 Nitco 64 161 0.4
150 Ucal Fuel Sys. 54 141 0.39
151 D S Kulkarni Dev 59 166 0.35
152 VTM 66 198 0.33

Source: Capitaline

Disclaimer: Datawatch is purely intended to reveal interesting statistics. Moneycontrol sources all price information from BSE/NSE and company information from Religare Technova. Moneycontrol is not responsible for inaccuracy/non-updation of data. There is no intention whatsoever to arrive at any conclusion or recommend any stocks or sectors. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any investing decisions.



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