23 October 2009

Srisai's Instinct Stock Calls

Srisai's Instinct Stock Calls

This(Srisai's Instinct Stock Calls) will be a New Initiative of this blog to Publish Blog Author's Own Investment/Trading Calls for Short-Medium Term perspective. But All these Calls are not given on Purely Technical perspective. Most of these Calls are given by Blog Author from His past Investment/Trading experiences. So Do not expect More depth in Calls. Author has tried his best to give some calls for the benefit of Investors/Traders from his experience and from some media/web/news based call. So author request all the investors/traders to take/try these Calls as RISK CALLS. And Keep Strict Stop Loss Own (or) Keep Resi,Supp levels As Stop Loss for their Trading(or) Trade/Invest @ your Own Financial Risk. All type of Comments are Welcome about this New Initiative. Dont Forget to Keep Stop Loss and Again Author Remembering you that he is giving calls only from his past trading experience...

3-5 calls will be given in every SRISAI's INSTINCT STOCK CALLS.

Date: 23.10.2009

Nifty Future: cmp 4998

NF Resi Seen at 5063-5087... Upside to resume only crossing this level. Supports pegged at 4970-4957-4930-4905 levels.

Today Results: ITC, BHEL, NTPC, JSW, HCC, PunjLloyd etc


cmp 202

Supports at 193-188 levels. If falls to that levels Try LONG with Rs 5 as Stop Loss.

Prism Cement: cmp 43.60

Stock Has strong support at 42-39 range.. So try this Stock for LONG for a tgt of 46-49 levels.


Cmp : 100.6

Unitech has support at 95-97 levels... If breaches this , then may test 88 range... Upside resi @ 103-108 levels. SO decision is yours...


Cmp 211

Stock has down nearly 25% in recent times. Good set of results... Accumulate for INvestments

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